Our on-the-ground experience and expertise delivers creative strategies and industry record results

From inception in 1986, Genesis has worked directly with national and international development groups, directing our focus to specialising in the complex private aged care and retirement industry sector. Our proven track record of working with some of Australia’s leading communities lays testament to a wealth of knowledge and experience that is hard to duplicate. Whether you require an introduction into this growth industry sector, site feasibility, operational planning, a complete strategy or just some help with your marketing or sales team, Genesis has the holistic experience in all these key areas.


Genesis have been a predominant driving force in launching ‘Supported Living’ 'Private aged care' communities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, which required a ‘re-education’ of the market place to fully understand and accept this exciting new aged care model. The invaluable experience gained has positioned Genesis at the leading edge to understand this growing market’s sensitivities and complexities, while giving us an insight to deal with the seen and many of the unseen challenges that may arise throughout any project.